The market situation and near-term prospects. News that await us today.

13:30 – Trade Balance (Dec) – USD, CAD   –  moderate volatility

13:30 – Building Permits (MoM) (Dec) – CAD   - moderate volatility

15:00 – JOLTs Job Openings (Dec) – USD   – high volatility

15:00 - Ivey PMI (Jan) – CAD  - high volatility

16:35 – German Buba President Weidmann Speaks – EUR    - moderate volatility



We are faced with the uncertainty of the market EUR. It has served as repulsive factor for investors, which in turn led to increased attention to Asian currencies. As well a great impact on the Euro, had a speech Marion Le Pen, who has declared the fight against globalization and the struggle for France’s exit from the European Union.

In this way the Euro fell to 119.77 yen. Resistance level is 123,716


The New Zealand dollar also handed position against the yen, dropping to 0.82%. Sterling did not react to the Yen.

The dollar traded at 111.77 yen after falling to 111.590 yen, the lowest level since Nov. 28. Resistance level is 115,395 


The Euro declines against the dollar, trading at 1.0710 today. Resistance – 1.08334, Support – 1.06200


AUDUSD has grown up to 0.7679 as the Reserve Bank of Australia kept rates unchanged, thereby setting the upbeat assessment of the economy.


Analysis by AccentForex analyst Aarush Marwari.

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