Deposit melalui Kad Kredit

Untuk deposit ke akaun dagangan AccentForex anda melalui kad kredit dengan menggunakan gateway perkhidmatan pembayaran, sila pastikan Kad anda boleh melakukan pembayaran secara online dan Kad Debit anda mempunyai baki tersedia untuk membuat deposit.

Minimal bagi satu transaksi melalui pembayaran kad kredit/debit adalah dari $100 dan jumlah maksimum untuk satu deposit ialah $ 5,000

To deposit your account by card you need:

  • Please select the “Deposit funds” in your Personal Area (Deposit/Withdraw menu).
  • Specify the payment amount (not less than 100 USD).
  • In the “Purpose of payment ” field choose the AccentForex account you want to replenish (as example “Money Box USD”) in the drop-down list.
  • In the “Payment method” field please choose “Credit/Debit card” in the drop-down list and click “Deposit” button below. On the next “Deposit Funds” page please check the amount and currency you want to deposit and press “Deposit” button. You will be redirected to the one of gateways page for making payment
  • Attentively fill in your card data on the next page
  • One more time check data and click “Proceed”.

If the data is filled in correctly and funds is available on payment card, the automatic payment will be accomplished and funds will be credited to your AccentForex account in a few minutes.

Attention! The payment currency should be the same as account currency to replenish an AccentForex account.

 AccentForex do not pass personal data to the third parties under any circumstances, according to the current legislation.

 Please notice the sum is credited on your AccentForex account will be different from the amount you’ve send on the fee amount the gateway payment system* holds.

 Only AccentForex account holder can transfer funds to AccentForex account.

 Broker does not take payments from third parties.

 In case of client claim for a fund withdrawal according to the “Trader Agreement” (public offer). The request is processed within one/two business days. Some requests takes up to 5 days.

AccentForex does not take any fees. All Credit/Debit card fees are shown in the table below:

Credit/Debit card fee

Payment Fee
1 Client to Merchant (Deposit)* 5.1%+0.50 USD (EUR)
2  Merchant to Client (Withdrawal) ** bank fees **

* AccentForex broker will compensate the fee for each your Deposit payment which is equal to or more than 1000 USD(EUR). But it does not apply to currency conversion charges.

Kindly note that during the payment, the deposit might be debited in the currency which differs from the currency entered in the payment form. Consequently, currency conversion fees may be applied by your bank.

** Clients who replenished an account with a Card are able to withdraw funds using Bank Wire method with bank transfer fees.

Please note, all other Card fees are paid by the customers.

* Additional fee of 3.9% will be incurred if a withdrawal is requested without having traded.

AccentForex Broker running gateway system is not rewarded with any fees or remunerations for taking part in service providing and assumes no responsibility for gateway activity.

When paying via Easyportal the card aggregator, customer does not pay any additional fees, except for those indicated on our website. This does not apply to cases when the customer has a card in a currency other than AccentForex Money Box currencies (USD, EUR). In this case, the conversion takes place on the side of the customer’s bank and is paid by the customer accordingly.

AccentForex Broker is independent company providing services and independently makes decisions about prices and offers.

We draw your attention to the Card Deposits, to the fact that the acquiring bank may request to receive documents from the cardholders and their card related to the transactions. We will inform you of such a request by e-mail.

Provided that you have completed the full AccentForex verification (ID, proof of address), here are the requirements for the provided documents that may be requested:

One or more (if available) of the following options to confirm possession of the card by the owner:

- recent copy of a bank statement containing cardholder’s full name, first 6 and last 4 digits of card number, and the payment in question. If the screenshots are provided, the URL must be visible.

- authorization code for the payment in question (AUTH code) – it is usually contained in the transaction.

- clear color copies of both sides of the card. The middle of the card number should be covered on both sides, leaving the first 6 and last 4 digits visible; On the back side, CVC / CVV code should be covered. Please note that the back side of the card must be signed by the cardholder.

If you have any additional questions appears with credit/debit card deposit process you can contact us at:

Skype: AccentForex Support

*AccentForex uses different gateways to provide VISA/MasterCard payments.

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