Bitcoin Transfer

Bitcoin transactions require the use of wallets. All Bitcoin users’ wallets are assigned unique addresses. Transactions are recorded on the Blockchain.

Bitcoin can be transferred from one user’s wallet to another. Therefore, forex brokers who accept Bitcoin will be required to accept deposits by having the trader transfer BTC to their wallet. In the same vein, Bitcoin withdrawals by traders involve the transfer of BTC from the broker’s wallet to the trader’s wallet.

Transfer using Bitcoin

You can deposit funds to your AccentForex account (Money Box or Trading) by Bitcoin transfer.

The transfer may take some time, sometimes from a few hours.

Please, follow the next steps to deposit by Bitcoin.

  • Log in at
  • At “Personal cabinet” in “Deposit/withdrawal” area click “Deposit funds.”
  • Enter funds amount;
  • in “Purpose of payment” drop-down list choose account you need to be payed (USD profile account, (Moneybox), trading account);
  • in “Payment method” drop-down list choose payment system (Bitcoin);
  • click “Deposit”.
  • Fill in the “Bitcoin wallet” and confirm using the “send” button.

You will receive the next message on the opened page:
“In order to replenish your AccentForex Money Box or Trading account using Bitcoins (BTC) for YOUR AMOUNT please transfer THE AMOUNT OF BTC BY CURRENT RATE to the BTC wallet specified on the BTC wallet specified below: ”

Below, the BTC wallet will be displayed. Please, use it to deposit.
There is fee for the transfer, funds will be deposited by the current market price and minus exchange aggregator fee for the transfer.

Please note this transfer may take some time. The amount credited to your AccentForex account will be different from the sent one, as the market conditions (exchange rate) may change.

Kindly be informed, when you use Bitcoin method, AccentForex reserves the right to request additional verification. This is to provide protection for customer funds.

For more information please contact


If no trading and investment transactions have been performed, the withdrawal will be carried out as a refund.
In case of withdrawal without trading, an additional fee may be charged.

If you have any additional questions or difficulties in transferring funds to your account via Bitcoin, you can contact our Finance Department:

Skype: AccentForex Support

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