For PAMM-Partner

PAMM service for PAMM-Partners

AccentForex PAMM Service is a service that allows to make profit only for traders and investors. But it was in the past. Now due to the unique development AccentForex allows to earn Partners, even if you don’t have profitable trading skills or sufficient funds for investment to successful PAMM-accounts.

PAMM-Service provides an opportunity for Partners to use their special skills to obtain a significant part of traders profit.

Partner provides the attraction of investors to accounts by choosing the most appropriate PAMM-Managers for investor. For attracted investors tracking is used referral-links and cookies. Gains from specific PAMM-Managers trading is automatically transferred to Partner account in a percentage.

Benefits of PAMM partnership:

- No need for personal investments
- Minimal Forex Market knowledge
- No need for trade skills
- A transparent system of fees accrual
- Tracking attracted investors

Clients attraction options

After registration and “IB agreement” signing you automatically get personal and unique Partner’s number.

In case you plan to attract trader-clients via your web-site, first please send your web-site address to After web-site review due to company information fullness and correctness you can place special HTML-code on your web-site. Your partner’s data will be listed to computers of clients who visited your web-site for a first time. Such data (cookies) are listed just once and function during next 6 month. As soon a client enters to AccentForex web-site during these 6 month such client identify as your client.

Partner’s link
In case you don’t have your own web-site you still have an opportunity to attract clients via Internet. Just add your unique personal partner’s number to all links to AccentForex web-site.
All clients deal via your personal link will be identify as your client.

Clients fixation system operating principle by dint of cookies.

To the computer of a client who connect with the partner web-site or to AccentForex web-site using partner’s link, data are recording as cookies. Data (cookies) are listed just once; cookies function term is 6 month. If the client clicks to another partner’s link, new partners data won’t be recorded to the client’s computer. First partner’s data is in priority. Such method exists to regulate clients fixation.

Please notice! If client fills registration list during account opening from the computer of the partner and the partner A clicks earlier on another partner’s (let’s say partner B) link, AccentForex will receive a notification that new client’s account is opened from partner B recommendation. So please clean cookies in browsers if you offer your own computer for client registration. Also please click to your personal link to record data to the computer.

If the client visited AccentForex web-site before this client connect via your partner’s link, in that case the client will be direct client and won’t be partner’s client.

Become a PAMM-Partner

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