For PAMM-managers

For PAMM-manager


PAMM service of AccentForex it’s unlimited opportunities for traders with extensive experience in the Forex market. Market moveable every minute and the rising in prices or a reduction is always a good opportunity for earnings.

For extraction of profit, the trader must know when and in what direction open the transaction, therefore need have the deepest knowledge of the Forex market and own a profitable strategy. If you have the required knowledge to trade and significant experience that brings you success, you can get a lot more profit using the PAMM-service of AccentForex.

PAMM- service of AccentForex enables you to manage investors’ funds. Also you can choose the modalities of cooperation to obtain maximum profit, namely:

Minimum deposit of investors’ contributions;

Distribution of the profit in a percentage between the investor and the PAMM-manager (you);

Minimal trading period for the management of funds investors

After getting acquainted your conditions investors can choose your trading account for investment and promotion.

Terms and Conditions PAMM accounts

PAMM Service from AccentForex uses an automatic process of calculating profit, transactions, and therefore, the process of allocation of completely transparent and is safe for all sides.

General information:

To become a PAMM account Manager, a trader should have a successful trading strategy and a desire to get unlimited profit from attracted investors;

To activate the PAMM account, the PAMM Manager must make a minimum deposit in amount of $ 1,000.

In order to attract investors, it is not necessary to have a large capital, it is enough to show the successful results of trading;

PAMM Manager can attract investors by itself through forums, ratings;

PAMM Manager on their own lays down conditions for investors: the percentage of profit distribution, the trading period, the minimum amount of investment.

PAMM Manager opens for viewing trade statistics and routine value of profit in to investor;

Profit of the PAMM Manager available for withdrawal after the end of each trading period;

PAMM Manager may additionally deposit its account at any time. The funds will be credited to the account automatically after the end of the trading period, and the distribution of percentage between all investors;

PAMM Manager could attract investors during the trading period. Investors can invest in the account 24/7, but the funds transferred to the account at the beginning of the new trading period;

PAMM Manager may at any time see the new investment in its PAMM account;

PAMM Manager can open an unlimited amount of PAMM accounts with different conditions and different strategies to attract more investors;

In “MyProfile” manager will get access and full statistics on all its accounts and investments of investors;

The Manager may close its PAMM account, and then all funds will be distributed automatically between all investors.

Terms of PAMM accounts

The minimum deposit for activating PAMM account

from 1000 USD/1000 EUR

The minimum amount for investment


The PAMM account currency
Profit from your managing

Is set by PAMM Manager and calculated automatically by PAMM service of AccentForex. More information on the link

The additional contribution of funds
PAMM Manager can additionally deposit its account, but the funds transferred to the account automatically after the end of the trading period.
Withdraw Funds
PAMM Manager can withdraw all profit by sending a request for withdrawal. The withdrawal will be made after the end of the trading period, and profit distribution.
Recovery closed PAMM account
After closing the PAMM account is performed automatically transfer shares to the Money Box balance of all parties (investor, manager). It is impossible to restore a PAMM account after closing it in the PAMM system.
Groups of PAMM accounts
In PAMM program can take part any existing or newly created STP.*
Specifications of PAMM account

Spread from 0.5 pips

Minimum balance for open a trade from 100 USD / 100 EUR**

Leverage from 1: 1 to 1: 500

Minimal lot 0.1

Stop Out level 50%

* After adding to the PAMM program PAMM-managers are available to trade only on currency with XXXXXX_STP suffix. To open the available currencies, you need to go to the trading terminal window «Market Watch». You need to click the right mouse button, select «Show all».

** This condition relates to the accounts, the balance of which is lower then $ 100 / E100


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