PAMM service of AccentForex it’s limitless possibilities for Investor’s earnings. The forex market is very mobile and can change its direction several times a day. To extract profit from every movements, you need to clearly forecast the time and direction of each transaction. Thus, you need to have a deep knowledge of the Forex market. PAMM service opens the possibilities for customers who do not have such knowledge, but wishing to make a profit.

The benefits of investing:

You do not need to have experience a successful trade on the Forex market

For investing enough to select a suitable account and make the transaction

For selection the appropriate PAMM-accounts, investors has access to PAMM-rating, which has full volume of statistical data for analysis

The investor is not limited by the number of PAMM-accounts and can transfer his/her investments between any accounts without restrictions

The investor can receive full information about his/her investments and profits through MyProfile

Invest now

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