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In order to deposit by Wire Transfer, you should fill out the application form after you open “deposit funds” menu in “My profile”.

Please, choose the currency, fill out the amount and your Bank details. You will get our Bank details after the following steps below is done.

The funds will be credited no later than the day following the date of funds receipt to the company account. Transfer usually takes 3-5 banking days.

Please note that your account AccentForex will be deposited with the amount different from what you sent because of the fee. The Company does not charge a fee. Fee is based on the beneficiary’s bank, intermediary’s bank and payment aggregator. 

NOTICE! The funds to the may be sent only to the account holder, we will not accept money orders from a third person.


In order to withdraw our funds to your Bank Account you should open “withdraw funds” menu  in “My profile”. Please, fill out all the fields and agree.

Your withdrawal request will be sent for processing after the following steps below is done.

Payment Fee
1 Deposit by Bank wire bank fees*
2 Withdrawal by Bank wire 0.4%*

*For Deposits: AccentForex does not charge fees for bank transfers. Fees are charged from deposit amount by sender bank and intermediary bank (more details at

*For Withdrawals: Not less than 55 USD / EUR. AccentForex does not charge fees for bank transfers. The fee is charged on the withdrawal amount by the sender bank and intermediary bank.

 More Information:

More detailed information you can obtain from the AccentForex Financial Department at:

Skype: AccentForex Support

Attention! Company AccentForex, in accordance to the international laws on combating terrorist financing and laundering of funds, payments for third parties are not accepted, payments to third person are not implemented.

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