Deposit dan Penarikan Dana

How to fund a trading account using Bitcoin transfer?

Cara pengisian internal transfer dari akun ke akun?

Cara melakukan deposit melalui transfer antar Bank SWIFT ke akun trading?

Cara melakukan deposit melalui Kartu Kredit ke akun trading?

How to fund a trading account via Skrill payment system

How to fund a trading account via Neteller payment system

Bagaimana cara deposit uang ke akun trading FOREX?

Untuk mendepositkan uang ke akun trading anda dengan AccentForex dan menarik uang dari akun trading sangatlah mudah. Untuk mengisi akun trading yang anda buka di AccentForex cukup menggunakan salah satu dari metode berikut.

Deposit uang ke akun trading anda dan penarikan memerlukan 24 jam. Waktu adalah uang! Deposit sekarang juga ke akun trading anda dan mulai menghasilkan dari FOREX, dan kami akan membantu Anda untuk itu!

Payment methods available

Bank Transfer


In order to deposit by Wire Transfer, you should fill out the form in the “deposit funds” menu in “my account”.
Please, choose the currency and fill out the fields of amount and your Bank details. You will get our Bank details after the following steps below is done.



You can make direct deposit from your card to AccentForex account. Pay attention please, you should use your own card and be sure about you are not making deposit of bigger amount than your payment limit or current card balance.



Send and receive money, store cards, link bank accounts and pay conveniently anytime and anywhere with your email address and password.



The NETELLER Account is an online stored-value account that millions of consumers have used to add, withdraw and transfer funds to and from NETELLER merchants and other NETELLER customers.

Bitcoin transfer


AccentForex does not charge any fee for bitcoin transfers. Pay attention please, bitcoins sent will be converted to USD and converted amount will be transferred to the USD Money Box.

Ethereum transfer


Ethereum is the community-run technology powering the cryptocurrency ether (ETH) and thousands of decentralized applications. Kindly note, etherum sent will be converted to USD and this converted amount will be transferred to the USD Money Box.

Tether transfer


Digital money for a digital age. Global, fast, and secure. Kindly note, sent tether will be deposited to your account according to 1:1 USD rate. The fee is charged by payment aggregator.

Fees for transfers

Payment system Fees Processing time
Deposit Withdraw Deposit Withdraw
1 payments_wire_transfer bank fees* 0.3%2 3 – 5 bank days3 up to 5 bank days4
2 visa-mastercard 5.1% + 0.5 USD(EUR) (Free ≥ 1000 USD (EUR)1) 3% + 5 USD (EUR)7 within 5 minutes3 up to 5 bank days4
3 skrill_logo 7% 1% within 5 minutes3 24 business hours3
4 neteller_logo 7% 2%, no more than 30 USD within 5 minutes3 24 business hours3
5 bitcoin_logo 0%5 0%5 within several hours6
24 business hours
6 ethereum_logo aggregator
within several hours6
24 business hours
7 tether_logo aggregator
within several hours6
24 business hours

*AccentForex does not charge fees for bank transfers. The fee is charged by client’s bank and intermediary bank. AccentForex credits a full amount received to our bank account.
*Clients who replenished an account with a Card are able to withdraw funds only for the amount deposited by this particular Card over the past 6 months or 1 year, depending on the processing method.

1AccentForex as a loyalty program compensates Card fees for its clients for deposits from 1000 USD / EUR. But it does not apply to currency conversion charges.

Kindly note that during the payment, the deposit might be debited in the currency which differs from the currency entered in the payment form. Consequently, currency conversion fees may be applied by your bank.
2Not less than 45 USD / EUR, AccentForex does not charge fees for bank transfers. The fee is charged on the withdrawal amount by the sender bank and intermediary bank.
3AccentForex is not liable in case of 3rd parties delays, who are not related to the company.
4Bank transfer takes 3-5 banking days under normal conditions. Additional fee of 3.9% will be incurred if a withdrawal is requested without having traded.
5The difference between deposited sum and sent sum can be caused be difference in exchange rates of BTC/USD at the time of transaction and at the time of depositing.
6In some cases payment can take from several hours and up to 24 hours.
7But not less than 10 USD / EUR
8AccentForex does not charge fee for ETH and USDT transfers. The fees are set and charged by the payment aggregator.

Membuka Akun Trading:

  • Kami ingin memperhatikan Anda. Silakan, selalu menyebutkan nomor akun AccentForex anda, nama belakang dan nama depan. Ini akan mempercepat kami untuk bisa mengkreditkan uang ke akun Anda dengan segera.
  • Harap dicatat, bahwa hanya pemegang rekening yang dapat mentransfer uang. AccentForex tidak menerima transfer dari pihak ketiga.
  • Untuk mempercepat pengkreditan dana yang tercantum di akun Anda, segera setelah transfer uang, kami sarankan Anda untuk mengisi “Konfirmasi Pengisian” di trader room.


Proses untuk menarik uang dari akun Anda:

  • Permintaan penarikan dana yang dikirim dari Trader room.
  • Ketika ada dua atau lebih permintaan aktif, penarikan akan dilakukan pada detil yang dipilih sebanding dengan jumlah pengisian dari syarat-syarat ini.
  • Penarikan dana ke rekening bank hanya bisa dilakukan jika anda pernah deposit melalui bank.
  • Perusahaan tidak membebankan biaya komisi. Komisi didasarkan pada bank penerima dana.
  • Proses penarikan akan selesai dalam waktu 5 hari kerja dihitung dari waktu Perusahaan menerima permintaan penarikan dari Klien.
  • Jika tidak ada transaksi perdagangan dan investasi yang dilakukan, penarikan akan dilakukan sebagai pengembalian dana.
    Untuk sistem pembayaran di mana komisi setoran / penarikan adalah 0%, dalam kasus penarikan tanpa perdagangan, komisi tambahan mungkin dikenakan.

Perhatian! Mengikuti Hukum Anti Pencucian Uang, AccentForex tidak akan memproses deposit dari pihak ketiga dan pembayaran ke akun pihak ketiga tidak akan dilaksanakan.

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