Economic calendar

This section provides a timetable for the release of macroeconomic indicators for the week. The calendar contains predictions with a marker of importance, previous and actual data, as well as a schedule of holidays and weekends. Accounting and comparison of macroeconomic data in order to identify their possible impact on the market is a prerequisite in the construction of a trading strategy.

ATTENTION: The material in the economic calendar is updated automatically, reloading the page can slow down the process of updating the material. It is recommended to keep the economic calendar open constantly for prompt data retrieval.

Forex news

In this section you can find current news from all financial sites of the world from reputable news agencies. Timely analysis of information provided in the news is necessary for possible orientation and adjustment of the trading plan.

Forex analysis

This section provides an overview of technical analysis for the most popular Forex and CFD trading tools. Publications contain a graphical and indicative analysis of price charts with a description for making trading decisions.

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