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You can open a trading account with AccentForex broker, to begin trading immediately, in this section, after online registration. A wide range of convenient for you payment options will ensure the efficiency and comfort depositing funds to start work on the foreign currency market FOREX.

How to start?

Start with the online registration; it does not take much time. Please be careful filling in your details during the account registration. Incorrect, inaccurate or wrong data can significantly complicate the withdrawal your profit later.

Then choose the acceptable for you type of account:

Trading account MICRO – live trading account for beginners

This type of account is designed for beginners who have decided to try for the first time their hand in trading on FOREX, but do not have significant financial resources yet. MICRO trading account will allow you to work out your own trading strategies, as well as get used to work on FOREX using real trading accounts. The easiest and available conditions to start trading on the FOREX market are available to traders that opened a trading account MICRO.

Detailed  MICRO trading account specification

Trading account MINI – maximum possibilities, and nothing needless

Trading account MINI – it’s a great solution for the majority of traders who have some experience on the FOREX market. The main advantage for opening trading account MINI – is the possibility of unlimited usage AccentForex trading tools available today.

Detailed specification of the trading account MINI

Trading account PROFIT – designed for professionals

For market professionals AceentForex FOREX broker recommends opening a trading account PROFIT. Widest range of trading tools, flexible conditions and responsive attitude from broker, make this type of account really unique. Enjoy all the benefits of account PROFIT for the most convenient getting profit.

Detailed specification of the trading account PROFIT

Trading account “STP” – intended for satisfying most exacting FOREX traders and investors requirements!

Among the most significant benefits of STP trading account can be stressed guaranteed absence of requotes and minimal spreads from 0.1 pips that make trading account “STP” the most popular among our clients.

Broker AccentForex is always ready to satisfy all your requirements. You can always rely in FOREX trading on experienced and sympathetic professional team!

Detailed specification of the trading account STP

Trading account SWAP-FREE

Essentially trading account SWAP-FREE is a separate group of accounts MICRO, MINI, PROFIT and STP, which takes into consideration the religious beliefs of some AccentForex clients. If you need to abandon from SWAP due to religious sanctions you can send request and use for your work account MICRO, MINI, PROFIT and STP from AccentForex.

Detailed specification of SWAP-FREE Account

If you have any questions or hesitations concerning the choice and open a trading account – please consult with AccentForex experts. We are pleased to answer any of your questions!

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