Open a Demo Account – free $10000!

Open demo account on FOREX is easy and convenient for the beginner in trading. You are not risking your money and get a chance to try on the foreign financial market, FOREX!

For beginners interested in the work of the foreign financial market FOREX as a trader, broker AccentForex strongly recommends to open a demo account FOREX. This is a great opportunity to get valuable knowledge and skills absolutely free for new traders opening a demo account!

Why do you need demo account FOREX?

Why do you need demo account? Demo account will give you the opportunity to learn and study in detail the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, and customize it for the most favorable conditions of work in the future. You can try your hand at FOREX trading without financial risks, explore the possibilities of the trading terminal, test you strategies and theoretical knowledge as well as get the necessary skills and evaluate the quality of AccentForex service. FOREX demo account for its functionality does not differ from live AccentForex account. In this case, you are not limited in providing quotes, charts and trading tools. The trading conditions on a demo account quite approximated to trading on live account.

Of course on a demo account you cannot earn money on FOREX, because it as just training, though as close as possible to the real trading conditions, but it is going on virtual units, but it is as close as possible to the real trading conditions, to our opinion, the most convenient way to learn the bases and skills for earning profit on real trading orders.

Several recommendations from AccentForex, for those who decided to open a demo FOREX account. 

When you open a demo account most appropriate for you is to determine the same amount that you will be ready to deposit on your live trading account in future – it will let you easier to navigate, and work out the most effective trading strategy.

Trading in the FOREX market often requires a good reaction to open and close orders in time with profit.  Don’t hurry to open a live trading account, and at first study trading terminal and get the theoretical skills using a demo account. And only when you have sufficient theoretical knowledge start trading on live accounts with depositing money and opening a live trading account.

The activity of opened demo account is not limited in time (upon condition enter it once every 14 days at least). With a demo account you do not hurry, practice making orders process, will be able to create and test your own trading strategies without using real money and, accordingly, no financial risk.

How to open a demo FOREX account? 

Open a demo account with AccentForex is very easy, just download the trading terminal and start learning!

We wish you good luck in studying exciting and profitable FOREX market!

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