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Get 8% per annum to your deposit AccentForex begins perpetual loyalty program.

Starting from 01.09.2011, all active AccentForex’s clients receive 8% per annum to the current balance of your deposit. Inactive customers also will get a bonus in the form of 2% per annum to the current balance. Accrual of bonus funds is on a monthly basis. Accrued funds available for withdraw without any restrictions and at any time.

1. General:

1.1. By getting a monthly bonus (by loyalty program), you are agree to these rules
1.2. All active real trading accounts are get AccentForex’s bonus in amount of 8% per annum to the current balance.
1.3. All inactive accounts are get AccentForex’s bonus in amount of 2% to the current balance.
1.4. All credited funds are credited to the balance of trade account and are fully accessible for trade and / or withdrawal without any restrictions
1.5. Charges are made on a monthly basis (from 1st to 7th of the month following the reporting period)
1.6. The funds are available for withdrawal to the payment props used by the client for deposit its live account (or in proportional parts – in the case of multiple deposit props)

2. Conditions that determine the size of the bonus:

2.1. Active customers receive a bonus in amount of 8% per annum. An active account – it is accounts with at least 5 orders with any volume (open and closed) for the reporting month.
2.2. Inactive customers receive a bonus in amount of 2% per annum. (All accounts that could not be an active)

3. The conditions for eligibility to receive bonus funds:

3.1. All live accounts except Swap-free accounts open and replenished in any amount get bonus funds (according to loyalty program terms). Bonus can not be credited to zero or negative balance.
3.2. Swap-Free accounts could not take a part in this promo.
3.3. No any other factors (such as the type of account (except for accounts Swap-Free), trading strategy, trading instruments, the number of accounts per customer, etc.) does not take affect to these rules
3.4. Bonus as annual interest to account does not limit or disqualify the expense of any other promo, contests and bonuses that held by AccentForex.
3.5. Customer reserves the right to refuse getting monthly bonus (by loyalty program) on their own, if it violates his personal, religious, commercial or any other rules, foundations, concepts.
3.6. AccentForex reserves the right to refuse bonus funds credited to live account, which doesn’t made any transaction within 3 months. Open, but not closed orders ignored (it doesn’t calculating by the point 2.1 of these rules)

4. Special provisions:

4.1. Bonus credited only to the client’s deposit.
4.2. For bonus funds, credit funds and other funds accrued under the terms of the bonus promos – annual percent does not charges
4.3. Prize funds deposits received by customers because of winning the contest also covered by clause 4.2
4.4. AccentForex reserves the right to terminate the monthly charge bonus (and in some cases, to withdraw all accrued funds) loyalty program, in case of violation of these rules.
4.5. Customer will be notify by posting on the website or via electronic mail (E-mail) about any changes to these rules – and then the changes will be in force from that moment.
4.6. All disputes arising under this program shall be resolved through negotiations. If it is impossible to conduct negotiations, disputes are resolved based on the administration AccentForex according to the global practice and personal experience. The decision is final and its not subject to reconsideration.

5. Force Majeure:

5.1. AccentForex not responsible for the failure or improper performance of any provision of these rules, if this is due to the influence of circumstances which are beyond the control of AccentForex (such as natural or manmade disasters, wars and other situations not mentioned in this list).

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