Land Rover or $70000

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Get your Land Rover or $ 70,000 in management


Promotion for live accounts from AccentForex

Get your Land Rover or $ 70,000 in management

AccentForex releases a new promotion for his clients. The main prize for the winner becomes a new off-road vehicle British SUV Land Rover Freelander 2 HSE (2011 model year). Drawing of grand prize takes place on December 23, 2011. Alternative prize for the winner can become $70000 on a live trading account with the right of withdrawal of all profits. Except the main prize, participants receive 27 intermediate prizes in the amount of $1000 on their trading accounts. Participation in the promotion is available for all live trading accounts, that were replenished with at least $1000.

1. General provisions:

1.1. Promotion takes place from December 20, 2010 to December 23, 2011;

1.2. Participants of promotion have to make a written request  (fill in application for participation in the Promotion);

1.2.1. Application request  is made from «Trader Room» (My Profile);

1.3. Take part in the promotion can any live account which is replenished on a sum not less than $1000

1.4. The main prize is a car Land Rover Freelander 2 HSE (see package);

1.5. Intermediate prizes are deposits with $1000 (one thousand U.S. dollars) are available for withdrawal without any restrictions;

1.5.1. Intermediate prizes are raffled every two weeks, according to the latest quotes trading terminal Accent MetaTrader4 has received. The first intermediate prize will be determined according to the latest quotes came to the trading terminal Accent Metatrader4 on the 31st of December, 2010;

1.6. Each participant has a right to take part in the promotion with several trading accounts in order to increase his/her chances in winning both the LandRover Freelander 2 HSE and intermediate prizes of $1000. Each of the trading account must match the conditions of  the promotion and written form for participation in the promotion must be applied.

2. Conditions of the promotion:

2.1. All participants have a right to open trading orders on general grounds, according to the “Trader’s agreement”;

2.2. All trading orders that were not opened on market quotes are to be cancelled;

2.3. Participant may use Mechanic Trading Systems (expert advisors, EA) and any trading strategies without restrictions;

2.4. Participant may at any time change the type of his/her account on Swap-Free (and vice versa). To do this he must make a written request to the technical support;

2.5. All other conditions for the promotion accounts are completely the same with live accounts of AccentForex;

2.6. There are no other (or additional) restrictions on promotion accounts;

2.7 Concerning  the main  and intermediate results  of the Promotion only such accounts are considered: live accounts which balance is equal to $1,000 or larger;

2.8. Concerning  the main  and intermediate results  of the Promotion only such accounts are considered: live accounts with trading volume in amount not less than 1 lot for each 2 weeks.

3. Results of the contest:

3.1. The main winner of the promotion – the owner of SUV Land Rover Freelander 2 HSE is selected randomly, using a simple and opened  algorithm of  formation account’s  number from the meanings of quotes, last of which came to terminal on the 23d of December, 2011;

3.2. Method of Determination of the winner’s account number:

3.2.1. For winners determination are taken into consideration last four numerals of his/her account’s number

3.2.2. The remaining numerals from quotes (BID) for the “Mini” accounts  EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURJPY, GBPJPY, that came to the terminal  in the last Friday of 2 weeks lasted competition will form the ending of winner’s number, for example, the latest quotes were following: 1.31855 1.58618 113.595 136.325 – respectively the winner in this case becomes a trader with an account’s number ending with 5855. In case if the number is not relevant  to any of the account numbers or if we can not contact the owner of the account – the winning account would be considered with the closest number in meaning;

3.2.3. In case when two numbers are the closest, winning-prize will go the bigger (in amount) deposit. And if the amount of money on deposits is also equal – the winner will be determined by the account which has in total larger volume of closed trading orders;

3.3. If randomly selected number of trading account that do not meet the requirements of the Promotion – the winner will be considered with the closest number in meaning which complies with the requirements Action;

3.4. AccentForex, after results of Promotion are announced , within 20 days discusses with the main winner  the date, time and place of receiving  the Main Prize;

3.5. Account, considered to be the winner of the Promotion must be checked for the evidence of equivalence with the stated registration data – to real requisites. Also AccentForex reserves the right to verify the legitimacy of the participation of the owner of the account in the promotion according to these terms, the contract with the trader and country legislation of registration of the  Winner of the Promotion;

3.6. Awarding of the Main Prize of the Promo to the Winner is  made only after his/her (the winner) submission of identity papers (eg, passport or other ID papers), and the signing acceptance/handing over certificate, with filling of required information in it: last name, first name, middle name of the participant, date of birth, published data (or data of  another provided document), contact phone number with compulsory indication of area code (country);

3.7. In case of winner’s violation the order of the receiving the main prize (the absence of identity papers, provided documents do not match requirements, etc.) AccentForex reserves the right to refuse in awarding the main prize and to determine the winner according to a p.p.3.2.3;

3.8. If the main winner of the Promotion is not able by any objective reasons to receive the prize in person, there can be made a deed of conveyance to another person on condition that receiving from the winner notarial warrant;

3.9. Any Participant of the Promo is fully responsible for paying all required taxes, customs duties and other obligatory payments which are established by current legislation from the moment of Price receiving;

3.10. All expenses for transportation of the main prize (a car) to the place of delivery are paid by AccentForex;

3.11. If for any reasons  the winner is not able or does not wish to come for a car to the place of delivery of the main prize, the winner will be  awarded by trading account in the amount of $150 000.00. Prize money is not available for withdrawing, but any profit from trading on this account can be withdrawn without restrictions.

 4. Special rules:

4.1. Receiving the main prize (prize money) under conditions can not cause a disqualification of any trading account of the participant of the Promotion (the owner of contest account) from any other contests and / or promotions which are held by the broker AccentForex;

4.2. During the promotion any live account can be awarded as the winner of intermediate rounds repeatedly, but not more than one time in every 2 calendar months from the date of receipt of prize money;

4.3. AccentForex reserves the right to refuse (and in some cases to withdraw credited funds) in case of client’s violation of “Trader Agreement “;

4.4. AccentForex reserves the right to pause and / or to stop this Promotion;

4.5. About  any changes to these rules  the contestant will be notified via e-mail (E-mail) or through the corresponding publication on the official web- site, after what changes are considered to be in force;

4.6. All disputable situations considering  this promotion are resolved through negotiations. If it is impossible to conduct negotiations, arguable situations are resolved by the administration of AccentForex on the basis of global practice and personal experience. Adopted decisions are indisputable and implicate the compliance to them of all sides.

5. Force Majeure:

5.1. AccentForex is not responsible for non-compliance, ill-timed or improper compliance with any of these items written in current rules, if it is caused by the circumstances that are beyond the control of AccentForex (such as natural or anthropogenic disasters, wars and other situations that are not mentioned in this list).

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