Deposit Bonus 65% x 3



Are you ready to make deposit on your live account and get even more profit?

Now it is possible with new generation broker AccentForex! Increase your earnings with less investment! Take the part in new promo-action from AccentForex broker – “Deposit Bonus 65% x 3”
on each deposit.

There would be enough just to open a trading live account Micro, Mini, STP or ProFit in AccentForex Company or replenish already-existing live account. You can multiply the sum of your deposit by 65% of deposit amount and feel the superiority over the other traders. To take a part in new promo-action from the best broker – AccentForex just send us a request!

Number of bonuses and duration of promotions are limited.
Stop wasting time – get ready to earn money! Make the first step on your way to financial independence right now with the best broker AccentForex!

How to engage in new promo-action from AccentForex – “Deposit Bonus 65% x 3” on each deposit?

1. Open a trading live account of any type (Micro, Mini, STP or ProFit) or replenish already-existing live account to the amount from USD350 (EUR350) during the validity period of the present promo;
2. Fill in and send us a request for a “Deposit Bonus 65% x 3” to from your email specified during registration;
3. During the next 24 working hours AccentForex will give you a bonus in amount 65% of replenishment sum in your live account;
4. Begin to work and realize a profit in Forex Market!

If you have any questions which are related to participation in present promotional event “Deposit Bonus 65% x 3” please, contact our Support Team.

Conditions of “Deposit Bonus 65% x 3” from broker AccentForex:

1. By submitting a request to receive the bonus, you hereby agree to all the terms outlined below;
2. Working with bonuses assumes that all the conditions are official and are taken into consideration;
3. Crediting by bonus funds is available for all types of live accounts. The validity of the bonus offer is terminated by June 30, 2014;
4. For getting “Deposit Bonus 65% x 3” you need to send the appropriate request to from your email specified during the registration of real trading account (the full text of the request is located at the bottom of this page);
5. The indispensable condition over getting Bonus is the total absence of any trading deals made after replenishment and before requesting Bonus;
6. The bonus is available for all deposits over USD350 (EUR350);
7. The maximum amount of Bonus funds can’t exceed $3000 (EUR 3000);
8. One bonus account can be simultaneously credited only by three bonuses;
9. Participating in present promotional event cancels the ability to take a part in other AccentForex bonus offers at the same time;
10. Application response time is up to 24 work-hours;
11. Client has the right to refuse bonus funds accrued earlier;
12. Trader has the right to reset to zero the negative balance by request. All the bonus funds will be cancelled too;
13. Bonus funds are canceled in proportion to the sum of the withdrawal;
14. Bonus funds can not be transferred via internal transfer to another account. Transfer of funds from one account to another is equated with the withdrawal so the bonus funds will be canceled in accordance with paragraph 13 of these terms;
15. Trader can use bonus funds in the same way as main deposit;
16. Bonus funds are counted towards margin calculations;
17. In case when the balance on trader’s live account became negative and the stop-out happened the bonus funds might be cancelled automatically;
18. “Deposit Bonus 65% x 3” is valid for three calendar months from the date of accrual;
19. Bonus funds belong absolutely to broker AccentForex.
a) AccentForex reserves the right to refuse receiving a bonus without explanation;
b) AccentForex does not bear direct or indirect responsibility for the consequences of cancellations or no accrual bonus funds and strongly recommends not to take into account the bonus money when calculating the risk-management and/or trader’s trading strategies.;
20. Broker AccentForex may request for ID-documents and/or further personal data before crediting bonus funds on trader’s account.

Application form for “Deposit Bonus 65% x 3”

“Deposit Bonus 65% x 3” – I made deposit to my account in amount ____ and familiarized with all terms and conditions of promo “Deposit Bonus 65% x 3”. I completely understood and agree to the foregoing conditions of promotional “Deposit Bonus 65% x 3”. Please, accept my live account to promo “Deposit Bonus 65% x 3”.

*fill in this form and send it to from your email used during registration, for getting “Deposit Bonus 65% x 3”.

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