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Holiday Gifts!!!

Big holiday is coming. It is a time to prepare gifts and surprises for family members and friends. All existing and new clients is our big Forex family. AccentForex prepared a great surprise for all of you.

AccentForex would like to say, THANK YOU.
For those, who have been joined to us.
For those, who willing to join.

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Come join to our Forex family.

New Year offer “Deposit Bonus +50%” to your EACH deposit.

Promo «Deposit Bonus + 50 %»

50% Bonus for each deposit you made

AccentForex would like to inform our new and existing clients about the opportunity to receive additional 50% Bonus to live account. It is giving you a chance to make more trading volume, more orders and increase your profit. Keep in mind that Bonus program available for multiple times. Do not hesitate to apply for 50% Bonus from “Trader Room” and receive it today.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. 50% Bonus is available to all types of accounts;
  2. Request to apply or refuse 50% Bonus, will be accepted only from “My Profile”;
  3. Anybody, new or existing clients are able to receive 50% Bonus;
  4. Client receiving 50% Bonus from the amount, which he deposited to his live account (min deposit not less than $500/€500);
  5. Client getting bonus each time he made a deposit, multiple times;
  6. Client UNABLE to have more than 5 (five) active bonuses at the same time on one account;
  7. 50% Bonus is available for account, which are currently NO applied for any other bonus programs;
  8. Maximum amount, which can be award by client on 50% Bonus program is equal $1500/€1500;
  9. AccentForex reserved the right to request a copy of document to prove identity those, who is applying for 50% Bonus;
  10. 50% Bonus is NOT available for withdrawal. It means that, total amount for withdrawal cannot include Bonus money;
  11. 50% Bonus is available for trading during next three calendar month from time, when it was received;
  12. Bonus funds entirely and completely owned to broker AccentForex
    a) AccentForex reserves the right to refuse receiving a bonus without explanation
    b) AccentForex does not bear direct or indirect responsibility for the consequences of cancellations or no accrual bonus funds and strongly recommends not to take into account the bonus money when calculating the risk-management and / or trading strategies trader
  13. AccentForex reserved the right to cancel part of a bonus or all bonus funds, in case of fraud attempts from a client’s side;
  14. Receiving a bonus, means client had read and agree with all terms and conditions of present agreement;
  15. During November 24th, 2014 – January 16th, 2015 only. Those clients, who making deposit to their live accounts, able to receive New Year Bonus +50%. To apply for “Deposit Bonus +50%” need to send a request from “Trader Room”;

*Terms and Conditions of 50% Bonus program can be changed without prior notice. Changes are in force from the moment of publication on official website of the broker

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Best regards AccentForex!

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