Сontest “Forex Without Limits”

    ***The Contest is Over***

AccentForex launches the contest “Forex Without Limits” for all comers. For all traders who use all possible strategies – from scalping to long-term. Trader can use robots in trading, and make deals by himself. There is no time limit and also pips limit. The goal of contest is to get the biggest profit and defeat other traders. The contest “Forex Without Limits” will be held from 28/04 2014 to 22/06 2014

Stage I:………28.04.2014 –11.05.2014;
Stage II:……..19.05.2014 – 01.06.2014;
Stage III:…….09.06.2014 – 22.06.2014;

At the end of each round there will be elected 1 winner with the biggest profit from the list of contestants. Prize for the 1st place is $5000.

Contest Regulations:

1.General Positions:
1.1. Only contest accounts registering through the registration form take part in contest (from April 28, 2014 to June 22, 2014);
1.2. The goal of the participant is to show maximum impact profitability in the contest demo account, keeping these conditions & rules;
1.3. Contest “Forex Without Limits” is divided into three stages for two weeks each:

Stage I:………28.04.2014 –11.05.2014;
Stage II:……..19.05.2014 – 01.06.2014;
Stage III:…….09.06.2014 – 22.06.2014;

1.4. Results of the contest will be announced at the end of each stage within three (3) working days;
1.5. The winner of “Forex Without Limits” contest will get $5000 on his Live Trading Account.

2. Terms of trading for contest accounts:
2.1. Starting DEMO deposit is $ 5000;
2.2. Leverage 1:100;
2.3. Trading with a help of advisors, trading robots and experts – available.

3. Violation of the contest rules:
3.1. A trader who has violated the conditions described in this Agreement shall be disqualified;
3.2. Only one contest account from one user. (Any matches of registration data IP, E-mail, and other factors will be considered as clear evidence of belonging different accounts to one user);
3.3. At the end of the contest, all orders must be closed;
3.4. All deals witch are not closed at the end of round contest – will be closed automatically;
3.5. It’s forbidden to trade on non-market prices, and the usage of programs which can disrupt the trading server’s work.

4. Obtaining the funds upon results of contest “Forex Without Limits”:
4.1. The winner will get $5000 on Live Trading Account;
4.2. Prize funds are available for withdrawing without limitation;
4.3. The prize trading account completely identical to Live account, which can be replenish (all funds on the account – available for withdrawing without restrictions);
4.4. Account which had been deposited by prize funds – can not participate in other competitions and promotions and can not get any additional bonuses within six calendar months from the date of accrual of the prize money.


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