Verification & AML Policy


Account Verification provides the client with maximum security.

For personal verification, please submit the following documents:

  1. Identification document (ID).
    For example international passport, national ID card or driver’s license (English).
  2. Proof of address.
    It may be an utility bill / internet; bank statement, etc. The document must contain the name, surname and residential address. It must be issued within the last 3 months (English).

Please note, one document can not confirm both an identity and a residence in accordance with international standards.

AccentForex reserves the right to request additional verification data to confirm the client’s identity or residential address.

Document requirements:

  1. Customers undergoing registration and verification and intending to trade on real trading accounts must be of legal age (over 18 years old).
  2. All information and details must be clearly visible and in color.
  3. The scanned copies must be complete and have two-page spread.
  4. No documents with additions, changes using software editors are allowed.
  5. When scanning and photographing a document all corners should be clearly visible.
  6. Copies must be in high quality.
  7. Account name must be identical to the name in the document.
  8. Documents must be in English. Documents in national language must be translated into English and notarized.
  9. Accepted file types are: .png, .jpg, .gif, .pdf.
  10. Screenshots and screen images of bank statements and utility bills are not suitable for verification and not be accepted.

Additional information may be requested when depositing the AccentForex account using a Credit or Debit Card.

AML Policy

Money laundering – the process of converting funds, received from illegal activities (such as fraud, corruption, terrorism, etc.), into other funds or investments that look legitimate to hide or distort the real source of funds.

In order to confront the money penetration into economy received from criminal activities and to prevent terrorist activities, the countries engage in the fight against money laundering. Financial organizations are one of the easiest ways to legalize criminal proceeds. This is due to the openness and financial markets accessibility, as well as the freedom of capital movement within them. Therefore AccentForex company uses laws and programs to combat money laundering and financing of terrorist activities.

  1. AccentForex company verifies the Client identity as well as all of Client’s transactions and documents this information.
  2. AccentForex company tracks suspicious transactions and customers’ trades. AccentForex actions based on FATF recommendations.  Broker does not take payments from third parties. Only AccentForex account holder can transfer funds to AccentForex account.
  3. AccentForex under any circumstances does not accept and will not pay the money in cash.
  4. AccentForex Company reserves the right to refuse any transaction at any stage, if, according to the Company, operation can be linked to money laundering or criminal activity. In accordance with international law AccentForex company is not obliged to inform the client that its activities were notified to the relevant authorities as a suspicious activity.

AccentForex is committed to regularly update its electronic system for inspection of suspicious transactions and for verification of client identification records in compliance with all relevant legal regulations.

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