The next meeting of the Fed this week and the issue of North Korea.

Weak start of the week, waiting for movement

Today is Monday, and investors are waiting for the next Fed meeting this week. But the dollar has so far been weakly reacting this week.
According to data, US industrial production unexpectedly declined in August, the US Commerce Department reported that retail sales decreased by 0.2%. This was the reason for the decline on Friday.
This week it will be clear when the Fed plans to begin reducing its balance sheet.
The EUR/USD is now at position 1,1954

The rate of the pair USD/JPY rose to 111.34.
The markets recovered after North Korea launched a ballistic missile that flew over Japan and fell into the Pacific Ocean on Thursday evening. This is the second launch of a ballistic missile over Japan in the last two weeks.
Also, this week we are waiting for Donald Trump to address the United Nations about North Korea.

On Thursday, the Bank of England said that there could be an early increase in the interest rate due to accelerated inflation.
GBP/USD fell to 1.3544, retreating from a maximum of 15 months 1.3619.
The US dollar index, which shows the purchasing power of the dollar to a trade-weighted basket of six major currencies, behaves stably at position 91.73.

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