Transfer from OKPay (MoneyPolo)

AccentForex company would like to inform you about OkPay and MoneyPolo complete the merger and now this payment system is acting with the MoneyPolo brand name. 

Using the OKPay (MoneyPolo) Payment System you can replenish your AccentForex account (Money Box or Trading). In case of incorrect system response all the payments will be processed in the order of queue and AccentForex account can be replenished in a maximum of 1-2 days.
How to replenish your account automatically via OKPay (MoneyPolo) electronic payment system?

  • Log in at
  • At “My Profile” in “Deposit/withdrawal” area click “Deposit funds.”
  •  Enter funds amount;
  • in “Purpose of payment” drop-down list choose account you need to be payed (USD/EUR profile account or trading account);
  • in “Payment method” drop-down list choose payment system (OkPay) (MoneyPolo);
  • click “Deposit”.
  • Confirm funds amount – “Deposit”. You’ll be redirected to the OkPay (MoneyPolo) page.
  • Please follow OkPay (MoneyPolo) instructions to send funds.

Attention! To replenish your trading live account or Money Box automatically, you have to insure that the payment currency matches the currency of the account.

Please note, when you are making transfers via OKPay (MoneyPolo) Payment System, the AccentForex broker doesn’t charge any additional commissions or fees. The Payment System charges the fixed fee in amount of 0,5% from your payment, but no more than USD2,99 ( or EUR2,99 for transactions in European currency).

If you have any additional questions or difficulties in transferring funds to your account via electronic payment system OKPay (MoneyPolo), you can contact our Finance Department:

Skype: accentforex

For get more information about the payment system, please, visit OKPay (MoneyPolo) website using next link

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