Deposit by Credit Card

Visa, MasterCard Payment Card Deposit.

 To replenish your AccentForex trading account via credit card using payment service please check a fund summ. It should be available on your payment card.

Also make sure a payment card is activated for Internet payments and have no restrictions from the Bank.

The minimum summ for one transaction via payment credit/debit card is from $100 or €100.

 To deposit your trading account via credit card you need:

  •  In your Personal Area select “Deposit fund” in the “Deposit/Withdraw” area.
  • Specify the fund amount (not less than 100 USD/100 EUR).
  • In the ” Purpose of payment ” field choose the AccentForex trading account you want to replenish (as example “Money Box USD”) in the drop-down list.
  • In the “Payment method” field please choose “Credit Card” in the drop-down list and click “Deposit” button below. On the next page “Deposit Fund” please check the amount and currency you want to deposit and press “Deposit”. You’ll be redirected to the PayCo Merchant page. Choose “Credit Card” on the top and put “Proceed” below on the next page.
  • Attentively fill in your credit card data on the next page: credit/debit card number, duration, card’s owner (as you see on your card), CVV code, CVC code (you can find CVV/CVC codes on the reverse side of the card, the last 3 digits of the seven-digit number next to the signature of the card holder).
  • Then choose your Country, enter your e-mail, city, phone number and postal code.
  • One more time check data and click “Proceed”.

 If the data is filled in correctly and funds is available on payment card, the automatic payment will be accomplished and funds will be credited to your AccentForex account in a few minutes.

Attention! The payment currency should be the same as account currency to replenish an AccentForex account.

 AccentForex do not pass personal data to the third parties under any circumstances, according to the current legislation.

 Please notice the sum is credited on your AccentForex account will be different from the amount you’ve send on the commission amount the payment system holds. takes  commission. 

 Only AccentForex account holder can transfer funds to AccentForex account.

 Broker does not take payments from third parties.

 In case of client claim for a fund withdrawal according to the “Trader Agreement” (public offer). The request is processed within one/two business days.

Some requests takes up to 5 days.

Please consider in case funds withdrawal that was deposited via credit card the withdrawal way will be only to account.

AccentForex does not take any commissions. Though there are payment system commissions for withdrawal process.

 AccentForex Broker runing PayCo system is not rewarded with any commissions or remunerations for taking part in service providing and assumes no responsibility for activity.

 AccentForex Broker is independent company providing services and independently makes decisions about prices and offers.

 If have any additional questions appears at credit card deposit process via payment system you can contact:

skype: accentforex

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