Deposit and withdraw funds

How to fund a trading account via OKPay (MoneyPolo)?

How to fund a trading account wallet to wallet by MegaTransfer?

How to fund a trading account via Skrill / Moneybookers?

How to recharge the internal transfer from account to account?

How to fund a trading account via bank transfer?

How to fund a trading account with a credit card?

How to deposit money on live trading FOREX account?

To deposit funds to your trading account with AccentForex and withdraw funds from the live account is very easy. To replenish your trading account opened with the company AccentForex enough to use one of the following methods.

Depositing funds into your trading account and the withdrawal takes 24 hours. Time is money! Deposit on your trading account now and start earning on FOREX, and we will help you with that!

Transfer fees

Payment system Commissions Processing time
Deposit Withdraw Deposit Withdraw
1 payments_wire_transfer 0.5% + bank commissions fee for international transfer
+ Foreign charges
+ 0.5%2
2 – 3 bank days3 up to 5 bank days4
2 visa-mastercard 4.1% + 0.5 EUR or USD (Free ≥ 1000 EUR or USD1) 3.2% + 8 EUR or USD within 5 minutes3 1-2 business days5
3 moneypolo-logo_600 0.5% 0.5% within 10 minutes3 24 business hours

1AccentForex as a loyalty program compensates Card fees for its clients for deposits from 1000 USD/EUR
2AccentForex does not charge commissions for bank transfers. The commission charges by the sender bank and intermediary bank.
Bank Transfer Fees for withdrawal consists of several parts:
- MegaTransfer fee for a transfer;
- fee for international transfer;
- foreign charges

2 EUR + 0.05% (Min. 25 EUR; Max. 85 EUR) + 24 EUR

3AccentForex is not liable in case of 3rd parties delays, who are not related to the company.
4Bank transfer takes 3-5 banking days under normal conditions.
5The AccentForex company processes withdrawals to the Visa, Mastercard, China Union Pay Cards within 1-2 business days. But please note that under normal conditions payments go up to 6 banking days.

Payment systems available to AccentForex traders 

Bank Wire Transfer.

At the moment, AccentForex Bank Wire Transfer is carried out through the Megatransfer company*.

For this you need to have an account with this payment system. You should register an account with MegaTransfer and then make a payment from your bank to your Megatransfer wallet. Finally, to deposit AccentForex account you should make a payment wallet to wallet. More detailed information you can obtain from the AccentForex Financial Department at:

skype: accentforex

In the case of withdrawal, payment is made to your bank through MegaTransfer wallet to wallet.

Please note that your account Accentforex will be deposited with the amount different from what you sent because of the commission. The Company does not charge any commission. Commission based on the beneficiary’s bank, intermediary’s bank and the MegaTransfer payment system. MegaTransfer takes a fee of 0.1%. 

Using the OKPay (MoneyPolo) Payment System you can replenish your trading live account or Money Box within few minutes. In case of incorrect system response all the payments will be processed by way of turn and trading live account can be replenished in a maximum of 1-2 days.

How to replenish your account automatically via electronic payment system OKPay (MoneyPolo)?

Please, consider that making transfers via OKPay (MoneyPolo) Payment System broker AccentForex doesn’t charge any additional commissions or fees. The Payment System itself charges the fixed fee in amount of 0,5% the transfer amount but not more than USD2,99 ( or EUR2,99 for transactions in European currency).

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Maximum possible amount for replenishment of your trading account in AccentForex by Moneybookers or debit card is 10 000 US dollars for one transmittance or equivalent of that amount in Euro. Even if you have no Moneybookers account you can use MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, Diners Club and other cards stated further for transmittance.

Please note that your account Accentforex will be deposited with the amount different from what you sent on the commission. Skrill/Moneybookers takes a fee of 4.9%. Full list of fees of MoneyBookers are available at official website of  Skrill/MoneyBookers. 

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The funds will be credited no later than the day following the date of receipt of funds to the account of the company.

You can make an internal transfer between trading accounts, provided that both accounts belong to you.

To replenish your trading account with a payment card (Visa / MasterCard / others), you should go to “Credit/Debit Card Transfer” page.

If you have not found any convenient way to deposit funds to your live account from the methods below – please contact the AccentForex technical support. We will do our best to help you.

Open trading account:

      • We want to pay your attention. Please, always specify your account number at AccentForex, last name and first name. This will give us the opportunity to credit money to your account promptly.
      • Please note, that only account holder can transfer the money. AccentForex does not accept transfers from third parties.
      • To speed up the crediting of funds listed on your account, immediately after the money transfer, we recommend you to fill in the Replenishment’s confirmation in the trader room.


The process to withdraw money from your account:

      • Request for withdrawing funds sends out from the Personal Cabinet.
      • When there are two or more active details, the withdrawal is carried out on any of the selected details.
      • Withdrawing funds to bank accounts are possible only after depositing money through a bank.
      • The Company does not charge any commission. Commission based on the beneficiary’s bank.
      • Withdrawing process will be completed within 5 business days from the moment of accepting withdrawing request by the Company from the Client.

Attention! AccentForex, in accordance with international laws on combating terrorist financing and money laundering, does not accept payments from third parties and payments to third parties are not carried out.

*MegaTransfer (Online Currency Corp), United Kingdom. MegaTransfer is regulated by FCA, Reg No. 900178. As a fully licensed service, all transactions are protected under industry standards.

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