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Date: Feb. 14 – 2018.

Inflation news US and the U.S. dollar index down


The US dollar has reached the minimum weekly value today and is trading with EUR at 1.2350 now. The decline is due to the fact that the mood of the USD remains vulnerable before the release of data on inflation in the US.

Investors are watching and forecasting an upcoming report on U.S. consumer price inflation data, which will take place today at 8:30 a.m.  GMT-5
Today we will be able to find out how fast the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates this year.

The U.S. dollar index, which measures the greenback’s strength against a trade-weighted basket of six major currencies, was down 0.19% at 89.43 by 02:05 a.m. ET (06:05 GMT), the best since February 6.



Date: Feb. 12 – 2018.

News of the week’s start and the results of investors’ fears since Friday.


The US dollar began the week with a price reduction. At the same time, Asian stock exchanges stabilized after a sell-off last week. This process caused a decline in demand for the American currency.

But, the dollar increased last week. The US Congress adopted a two-year budget agreement before the end of the brief government shutdown on Friday.
The agreement is set to boost federal spending by almost $300 billion and suspend the debt ceiling for a year.

The indices of the exchanges of Hong Kong and mainland China rose, as well as futures on Wall Street. It should be noted that the Nikkei is not traded because of the national holiday in Japan.
The indices of US stock exchanges showed rather poor results by the end of last week, despite the growth on Friday. This collapse occurred because of fears of investors about accelerating inflation.

Market players are waiting for the publication of an inflation report in the US on Wednesday. If inflation indicators are higher than forecasts, a new collapse may occur in the markets.
The head of Brexit talks from the EU, Michel Barnier warned that an agreement on the UK’s exit from the EU has not yet been achieved and may not be achieved at all. This statement led to a decrease in the price of the pound against the US dollar on Friday.


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